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We are a small vertically intergrated beekeeping operation located in North Alabama. Our company is committed to the study and management of Honey Bees. We also focus on the preservation, and restoration of Pollinators, and their habitat.

There have been seven generations of beekeepers in my family and at one time managed 28,000 colonies of honey bees. For this, I am grateful.

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"It's something to be alive, and it's a good deal more to have a happy life" Dr. C.C. Miller 1831-1920

The History of Beekeeping

Posted on December 3, 2014

"In my years of study and fascination with honeybees, I am always remined from time to time there is always something new to learn or discover. Maybe that is how it is with nature. But the more I study the work of beekeepers that preceded us, the more I believe they had this figured out." See more. Roger Owens 2013

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