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"Dare to Read, Think, Speak, and Write"
Author Unknown

The History of Beekeeping and some Historical Beekeepers

August 2014

This presentation covers the ancient history of beekeeping, and the men over the last centery that I think are the leaders in our industry in developing technics that we use in beekeeping today.

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Observation, Contemplation, and Implementation

August 2012

This presentation is my Philosophy in the Management of my Beekeeping business.

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The Beekeeper Equation

May 12, 2011

This presentation describes the many skills that are useful to a Beekeeper. A person doesn't have to be an expert in all these fields to become a beekeeper, but it would be benifital to become aquainted with the aspects of each field in relation to beekeeping.

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Honey Bee Senses

August 2010

This presentation touches on the many senses of the Honey Bee. The intentions of this presentation was to inspire other beekeepers to begin their own research into the fasination world of Honey Bees.

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